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Batik Painting




Fine Art

Art had traditionally been an important part of early childhood. Kids feel a sense of emotional satisfaction when they are involved in making art, deciding what they will make and the materials they will use. Through art activities, kids will develop abilities and skills that can be applied in many other areas. Most importantly kids will develop an appreciation for art and other cultures, and the confidence to express their own thoughts and feelings through art. Far from creating individual prodigies, this integration of creating and enjoying art in early childhood will result in the “holistic development” for the children participating.

Imagine, Touch, Feel, Create and DISPLAY!



This is a form of visual art in which kids use drawing instruments to mark paper or another two dimensional medium. The kids will learn to complete the Art Book filled by using pencil 2B, pencil watercolour, crayon pastel watercolour and tempera paint. The Art Book has four (4) drawing creativities, which are Creative Colouring, Creative Drawing, Creative Sketching and Creative Imagination. They will award an achievement certificate after they finish completing the book. The average session to finish the Art Book is around 8-12 sessions, as each kid's has celerity differences. For the next level kids can develop their drawing skill by taking Drawing Line Sessions to explore further drawing techniques. The technicques are divided into two (2) types, which are Story Telling type such as anime, comics, cartoon, and Non-Story Telling type such as Caricature, Portrait and Sketch.

  • Age 3-18
  • Duration 90 minutes
  • Price 180K/Session
  • Price Art Book 180K


“Painting on Canvas”

Kids will learn to paint on canvas from sketching, paint colour mixing and colouring the painting. They will starting from the Basic Painting with canvas size 20 x 30, then Medium Painting with canvas size 30 x 40 and Advance Painting with canvas size 40 x 50 with painting object as display samples. The kids have to finish the levels in order to get the good result. To finish it each kid will need 3-6 sessions as their celerity differences. After they finish the levels, they can continue to learn to paint their own painting objects or idea. Following their imagination in deciding the colours of their painting by the teacher guidance.

  • Age 3-18
  • Duration 90 minutes

Non Classes

Price Canvas 180K ( Size 20x30)

Price Canvas 220K ( Size 30x40)

Price Canvas 220K (Size 40x50)


Easy Painting Class, Price 1000K

4 Session (Canvas 20x30, Drawing Kits)

Medium Painting Class, 1200K

5 Sessions (Canvas 30x40, drawing kits)

Advance Painting Class, 1400K

6 Sessions (Canvas 40x50, drawing kits)


“Batik Painting on Wood Carving”

Learning batik on wood carving, a cherished part of our national culture heritage by using batik paint material lilin malam/wax and the canting. They will learn from drawing the batik pattern, painting with lilin malam/wax, colouring and finishing. Each wood carving model will need 4-7 sessions to finish based on the wood carving size and baik pattern complexity.

  • Age 10 – 18
  • Duration 90 minutes
  • Price 1000K/session
  • 4 Sessions (wood carving/ukiran kayu, batik materials)



The kids will make art display using clay by following the Pottery display sample or they can create as their own idea. We will provide white clay fast to dry. Then they can paint it to compltet their art creation.

  • Age 4-18
  • Duration 120 minutes
  • Price 180K



  • VISUAL LEARNING – develop visual-spatial skills which more important than ever
  • EMOTIONAL SATISFACTION – comes from involvement and the control over art making
  • EXPLORATION – with their senses and begin to involve inusing the symbols what they know and feel
  • SELF-ESTEEM –by except criticism and praise for the art expression they have made for the skill development
  • SOCIAL SKILLS – taking turn, sharing, negotiating for materials and colors
  • APPRESIATION – knowing other art cultures


  • Playing, learning and growing
  • Learning step by step techniques
  • Using tools to help in shaping
  • To learn on color mixing


  • Drop + shop shall be applicable to Member and Non-member
  • Prior bookings preferred
  • Member reward points to collect
  • All purchases must be utilized within the same day of purchase



About Art Kids Workshop

Art Kids Workshop; the Art Play Land designed for active exploration, mistakes making and art experimentations within the variety of many creative environment.


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