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Cupcakes or Cookies

Ice Popsicles or Gummy Candy

Eat Craft

A culinary playground for kids, designed to inspire and engage the culinary curiosity of budding Chefs, we hone the creativity while building on basic skills.We’ll whip a deliciously savory and sweet treat while mastering mixing, measuring, kneading, shaping and mold, tasting and decorating. Know more about nutrition and food handling, kitchen safety, food ingredients vocabularies, tools, techniques while having fun learning how to prepare easy-ro-make recipes. Kids will enjoy their own cook and will be a tasty gift to their family or friends.

Prepare, Cook, Decorate and EAT!


"Cupcakes & Cookies"

We will teach kids to make cupcakes and cookies and decorate them. The kids will also make and decorate their own cupcake boxes and cookie jars.

  • Age 3-18
  • Duration 90-120 Minutes
  • Price 220K

"Gummy Candy”

Cutting fruits and making juice for ice popsicles, and decorating them as the kids like. Making gummy candy with different kinds of shapes and colors, decorating and shaping cotton candy to look pretty and sweet.

  • Age 3-18
  • Duration 90-120 minutes
  • Price 180K


  • CREATIVITY – encouraging creativity with opportunity for independent decision making
  • BEING UNIQUE – experimenting with ingredients and design to express and embrace their uniqueness as individuals
  • EDUCATIONAL – expanding a child’s mind to relate kitchen activities of measuring, cutting, whisking to math. Learning to know and recognize the ingredients, names, texture, taste, colors.
  • FOLLOW INSTRUCTION – going through measuring and mixing ingredients, shaping and mold the dough foods, baking and freezing foods; to show a firm decision to follow the instruction of the recipes
  • SELF CONFIDENCE – building sense of empowerment and ownership through practice of extra kitchen knowledge and skills
  • MOTOR SKILLS – improving a child’s motor skill coordination by introducing mixers, grinders, candy makers, ice makers etc under close supervision at all times
  • GENDER ROLES – demonstrating importance of kitchen works capability as an equal-opportunity for all genders
  • CULTURAL DIFFERENCES – sharing cultures and customs of others with opportunity of fun food preparation from other countries
  • CAREER OPPORTINITIES – getting kid’s feet wet to help realize from hobby and interest could create a future careers because there are no real limitations when it


  • Making food with fun
  • Cute and creative decoration
  • Yummy and fresh dessert
  • Homemade food for gift


  • Drop + shop shall be applicable to Member and Non-member
  • Prior bookings preferred
  • Member reward points to collect
  • All purchases must be utilized within the same day of purchase

About Art Kids Workshop

Art Kids Workshop; the Art Play Land designed for active exploration, mistakes making and art experimentations within the variety of many creative environment.


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