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Nails Art

Fashion Art

Beauty Art

Beauty is a characteristic, an idea, an object, and children can expressed it through art design and they own creativity. This activity will build kids self-confidence and help them understand who they are, their style and how to express their inner beauty and develop confidence. A creative expression and design, and is characterized by the use of a variety of beads and other materials.

Design, Create, Decorate and BE PRETTY!


"Nail Art"

A creative way to paint, decorate and embellish the nails. This is a type of artwork that can be done on fingernails and toenails. We use colorful nail polish which is safe for children and halal for Muslims.

  • Age 3-18
  • Duration 90-120 minutes
  • Price 180K

“Fashion Art”

Fashion is everything we wear to beautify our appearance. We will teach kids to make Hair Accessories ; crows, hair clips, hair bands to prettify their hari. Tehey can choose one (1) of those hair accessories. The other option is making Accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches that they can wear to match with their dresses. They can make three (3) kind of it. And Fashion Wear, they can bring their own bags or shoes, and redecorate it to look more fashionable with their own design by using materials and tools we provide. Or they can purchase it in our workshop as the model available.

  • Age 3-18
  • Duration 90-120 minutes
  • Price 200K
  • Additional Shoes 100K


  • CONFIDENCE – choosing the design and style they want to make and do, it’s showing their confidence of them self
  • EXPERRIMENTAL – using different kind of materials, shapes, colors
  • STYLE – every kids has their own style to shown their character


  • Choose the activity
  • Pick the materials
  • Follow instruction
  • Design and finishing
  • Put it on and smiles


  • Drop + shop shall be applicable to Member and Non-member
  • Prior bookings preferred
  • Member reward points to collect
  • All purchases must be utilized within the same day of purchase



About Art Kids Workshop

Art Kids Workshop; the Art Play Land designed for active exploration, mistakes making and art experimentations within the variety of many creative environment.


kuta point ardenia Jalan Bakung sari No. 81, kuta kabupaten badung, bali 80364, indonesia

Email: info@artkidsworkshop.com Whatsapp: 081385542252